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It’s easy to fall into a lecturing style of delivery. We love our subject, so we want others to love it too. There’s always scope for a brief explanation, but in lots of experiments it has been shown that the best way to learn something is to discover it for yourself. So instead of trying to tell something to young people, our job is to create opportunities for them to discover things for themselves. Use questions, but don’t always give answers.

Most of the ideas in this list can be used with different levels of learner, you just have to raise or lower the expectation. Some will last for a few minutes, most for a lesson, and several across two or more lessons.

Graham Wilson
I’ve been teaching lifesaving for nearly 50 years, but only became a teacher in Further Education, and tutor in Higher Education, 10 years ago. For some time, I was Chair of Surrey Branch of the Royal Life Saving Society, and am a National Trainer Assessor in Life Saving with them.
I am fairly active on the RLSS Membership Facebook Forum, where I try to post items that will be of interest mainly for TAs to incorporate into discussions within their classes.
Over the last few years, I have been involved in a range of outreach activities and local Water Safety Forums. It has been this last activity that inspired me to want to create this resource.
Thank you.






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